Many years of experience in working with a wide variety of families, as well as a variety of additional educations, help us in striving to respond and support each child and their family to the best of our ability. We know different counseling approaches, therapeutic and treatment techniques, and have specific knowledge of child development, especially in the context of traumatic events, losses, and family crises such as parental divorce.

We are involved in the supervision of our own work and further professional development. In doing so, we actively take care to provide our clients with optimal professional help and support, and to show by example taking responsibility for your own health and being open to change and working on yourself.


In our work, we strongly advocate humanistic principles, especially respect for personal dignity of all people, and encourage personal responsibility for choices and decisions we make. The approach we nurture is focused primarily on needs of the individual child and their family, taking into account specific circumstances and resources of each child and parent in providing necessary support and assistance to overcome existing crises.



HELP FOR EXPERTS In addition to working with children and their families, our Center is also focused on consulting and educating experts of different profiles working with children and young people. By offering and sharing our knowledge gained through many educations and many years of clinical experience working with children and families we: • support professionals in their work and in dealing with difficulties and professional dilemmas • support them in professional development and improvement of their own competences • support the protection and preservation of their mental health Helper's fatigue, burnout at work and indirect traumatization are common consequences of working with clients. Especially when clients are traumatized people and people in need. Helpers need active attempts and professional support in strengthening their coping mechanisms as well as the emotional processing of their experiences in a professional role. 

  • pružamo podršku stručnjacima u njihovom radu i suočavanju s teškoćama i profesionalnim dilemama
  • podržavamo ih u profesionalnom razvoju i usavršavanju vlastitih kompetencija
  • pružamo podršku u zaštiti i očuvanju njihovog mentalnog zdravlja

Zamor pomagača, sagorijevanje na poslu i posredna traumatizacija česte su posljedice rada s klijentima. Osobito kada su klijenti traumatizirani ljudi i ljudi u nevolji. Pomagačima su nužna aktivna nastojanja i stručna podrška u jačanju mehanzima nošenja kao i emocionalnoj proradi doživljenih iskustava u profesionalnoj ulozi.


Psychological evaluation of a child Psychological processing of a child (includes initial conversation with parents, interviewing and testing the child, forming psychologist’s report and opinion, providing counseling feedback)

PRICE: 1.050,00 kn


Child treatment (60 min)

PRICE 300,00 kn

Individual counseling (60 min)

PRICE 300,00 kn

Parental couple counseling (90 min)

PRICE 400,00 kn

Consultative support for experts (60 min)

PRICE 300, 00 kn

Educational groups

(price per agreement)

Support groups

(price per agreement)

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